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Here at The Most Rewarding Life the focus is on enjoying the here and now and striving to make each day better than the day before. Too easily we get caught up in our day to day routine and eventually we just kind of drift into autopilot mode. I want to shake things up a bit. No more life on cruise control. It’s time to change gears and take back control of my life, and you should too! This is a journey to discover a life of fulfillment and wonder, because simply existing is no longer enough.

Life is made up of a lot of things and I want to share my insight on some of those. My hope is that this blog will have something for everyone: family, relationships, food, entertainment, mental health, faith, personal reflections… who knows! I’ve spent 30 years just going through the motions and not speaking up when I should have. Well, now I’ve got some things to say and I plan on saying them! I hope you stick around to see how this thing called life turns out, and I hope you get just as much out of these posts as I do.

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