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    Maintaining Healthy Friendships As An Adult

    Child’s Play Do you remember back in elementary school when life was so easy and making new friends was as simple as saying “Hey, cool light up shoes! Want to be friends?” And just like that, you had yourself a new best friend. It’s a bit more difficult at 30-something to walk up and just ask someone if they want to be friends. They will probably think you’re crazy. There are steps you have to take now. Small talk, social media swapping, eventually phone numbers but don’t call or text too soon or too often. It’s like we’ve added rules to making and maintaining adult friendships, and now it’s just…

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    A Letter to My Only Daughter

    My Dear Baby Ruth, You are growing so fast right before my eyes, and as much as I wish I could, I can’t slow it down for even a moment. It seems like just yesterday I was taking laps around the labor and delivery ward hallways because you wanted to take your time. You have always done things at your own pace and somehow seem to amaze me more and more every day. In just a few short months you’ll be turning two, and while I know you can’t read this just yet I wanted to let you in on a few things. First and foremost, I love you to…

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    Is your relationship in need of a tune up?

    THIS POST MAY CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS, WHICH JUST MEANS THAT IF YOU PURCHASE SOMETHING THROUGH THAT LINK, I MAY EARN A SMALL COMMISSION AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU. PLEASE SEE DISCLOSURE POLICY FOR MORE INFORMATION. Picture this: You’re driving down the highway, cruising along listening to your favorite music. It’s a beautiful sunny day. Suddenly you start to hear a knocking sound coming from the engine. You don’t stress it too much in the moment, but you make a mental note to have that looked at. Then the steering wheel starts to shake, and you notice your car is running hot. You have two options: you can ignore everything,…